Sometimes it is the ARROW and not the INDIAN!

Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club's premier ball flight & launch monitor accurately records 

ball trajectory & launch data to achieve state of the art club fitting. 


All day Tuesdays or by appointment. 

Free in club is purchased from Stoneybrook--$50.00 if club is purchased elswhere

Maximizing Your Distance

Increasing loft and decrease spin rate, can maximize distance!  

What is what is your launch angle and spin rate, and can it be improved?  

 Using our Flight Scope Launch monitor, we can measure a total of 24 variables (including launch angle and spin rate) related to the ball, club and swing of a golf shot.  

Flight Scope is an ideal tool for custom club fitting.  

We can match the best shaft and club face loft to you, which 

will help you get the most out of your golf swing.

The Importance of Iron Fitting

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