What People Are Saying


Karen Miller, PROJECT Play Better

"After more than 10 years of NOT playing golf, I was asked to play in a foursome with my YMCA girl friends.  Three months into playing "just for fun", Kathie suggested we take some group lessons since we were all playing equally poorly!!!! But having a great time together.  We signed up for Susan's PROJECT Play Better Program - 6 one-hour group lessons plus a 1/2 hour private lesson. 

It was FANTASTIC and fun!  I was awed at Susan's ability to quickly analyze the golf problem, help correct it and to explain why.  She was always on time, serious about her job, yet encouraging and smiling.  She was quick to pick up on our different personalities and different ways of learning.  She was always patient.  There was never a time when I thought that I didn't want to go to the lesson.  I always left the lesson feeling encouraged about my newly learned golf skills.   

Of course, I can't remember everything she taught me (it's a complicated game!), but now as I approach the tee box or the green, I have more confidence in club selection and technique.  Our foursome is still having a great time together.  We often quiz each other about club selection and proper technique (i.e. "are you going to pitch or chip?"!!) We plan to play through the winter and take some more lessons from Susan in the Spring."

Jerry Jackson, 1.0 Handicap Index

"I have been taking lessons from Susan for several years. To me, her strong point is quickly picking up a swing fault and suggesting permanent corrective action. She has a variety of training aids to help implement a swing fix, and, since she is an accomplished player, can demonstrate the proper technique. She is an effective communicator and leaves one with good written reminders. I have benefited from her teaching.​"  

Michael, Golf Goal is to Consistently Break 100

 "Susan Fasoldt is perhaps the most adept and perceptive golf teacher I have ever worked with.  She has a unique ability to observe a student's mechanics and then communicate her suggested changes clearly and simply, helping the student to immediately translate those thoughts into a mental picture that allows the student to make effective adjustments right away.  Her assistance with all aspects of my short game, from bunker shots to pitching, has had an amazing impact on improving my scores." 

Hugh Hoy, Putter Fitting

“I want to thank you for the time that you spent with me in my Putter Fitting Session. I never realized the process would be so detailed in trying to get the best possible putter that would be right for me.  I never really thought much about the Putter Length, Lie Angle, Loft, Grip and Head Weight. Plus, how the shaft fitting into the putter head could affect your eye sight down the line.  I am still practicing with my new putter and have seen some improvement over all the putters in my garage. Thank you.”                                        

Robert Abderhalden, Iron Fitting

"Two years ago, I felt that I needed some new irons to increase my distance from my shots, as well as take advantage of the newer technology in the design of golf clubs.  As I had lessons from Susan Fasoldt in the past, and was very satisfied with the results, I contacted her again.  We spent about an hour on the practice tee, with her bringing various different clubs, with different styles, lies and shafts, and measurements of all kinds.  We settled on one brand and style, and she placed the order.

Shortly thereafter the new clubs arrived, and I was very pleased that they performed as they had on the driving range.  I was ecstatic, to say the least!

Fast forward to now!  I'm very happy to report that the clubs STILL function as advertised.  

Suffice it to say that I am very happy with my experience at Stoneybrook Pro Shop, and especially Susan, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is in need of similar services!"  

Ginny McGee-Putting Bootcamp

"When I first learned of a 5 week boot camp for putting, I thought "Five weeks! That seems too long to cover just putting."  However, after completing the series of five lessons, it was not too much.  Each week, the focus was on a different aspect of the stroke: set-up, path, impact, speed and pre-shot routine.  The fundamentals were covered each week and were built upon each lesson going forward.  I also applied these elements to my total game.  We all know, putting can make or break a game. This course has significantly helped my game."